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House Party Kit

Record what was said and decided at your house party


Jump&Splash House Party!

Thank you for hosting a house party in support of recreation in Montpelier. A party isn't a seminar, so expect plenty of unstructured conversation. You do have some material to get through, though. By the end of the event, everyone should have had the chance to describe their own priorities for a new facility. Everyone should review the structure of costs and funding. And everyone should have a better understanding of the planning tasks, fundraising work, and political decisions that lie ahead.

It's critical that you fill out the worksheet below during the event, with the help of your guests. This will help you make sure you cover all the bases together, and will yield vital feedback to the Jump&Splash team.

House Party Worksheet

1. In the view of your group, what benefits would make this project worthy of time, effort and money on the part of citizens and the City? 2. In the view of your group, what are the most important or desirable features of a new facility?
Review materials on operating costs feasibility. Review materials on capital costs feasibility. Record comments below.
Review stages of the planning process. Discuss the political and fundraising process. What does the group see as the biggest hurdles? Any solutions to suggest?
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If group members plan any specific actions to support this effort, please note them here. Please be realistic and don't over-promise. Specific dates and details appreciated.