Help us shape the future of indoor recreation in Montpelier


The Survey Results are In

We are very happy to report the results of our first survey.  We asked people to envision an indoor recreational facility for Montpelier and give us feedback about their dreams and concerns. The online survey was distributed through Front Porch Forum and we also collected paper surveys at City Hall at election time.

The turn-out was gratifying.  We received over 1000 responses, logged contact information for 376 people who wanted to stay updated on our efforts, and recruited almost 100 volunteers! The vast majority of people – 83% – who took the survey were Montpelier residents – 845 people, out of a population of 7,855.

You can read a detailed survey report here.

Highlights of the survey

  • Support was overwhelming!  87% of people who took the survey believe we need an indoor sports facility.
  • Here are the top choices for what people want to have at the facility
  • 67% Lap or competition style pool
  • 62% Open gym space
  • 59% Aerobics machines like treadmills and bikes
  • 57% Strength training and conditioning space
  • 51% Aquatics class and water therapy pool               
  • 51% Free weights and weight machines.
  • And top choices for programming people want offered
  • 68% Group exercise classes
  • 60% Aquatics classes
  • 58% Lifesaving like CPR and lifeguarding
  • 74% of people prefer to travel less than 5 miles to use the facility; 41% would like to keep it under 2 miles.
  • 78% would like to walk there, 65% might use a car and 53% would like to bike.  

Additionally, over 70 people said thanks, wished us good luck, or expressed enthusiasm for our efforts in their closing comments. Here’s a sampling:

MIRA Rocks!                                  
 I'm cheering for you.
Anything to make Montpelier more family/kid friendly. This is a fabulous idea . . .  I would pay to use . . .
I truly feel this project would benefit the community as a whole! Thanks for the idea!     

For more details, check out our complete report. You can stay updated on our progress at this website. Also look for news in The Bridge and through Front Porch Forum.  Next steps for the Task Force include a business plan and reaching out to volunteers and community collaborators. You can reach us, or join our listserv, by e-mailing or by calling Sandy: 802-223-1806

We are a small group of volunteers that welcome your ongoing input, and need your help and support.

Thank you


Gia Petito